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Crane rental in Dortmund Full Service guaranteed!

Rent high-quality cranes with up to 140 meters span including trained operators. Wiemann Crane Rental in Dortmund, founded in 1960, offers a wide range of utility vehicles and services at 7 locations in Germany. Comprehensive consultation and preview of the installation site is just as important as a CAD-supported project planning for us.

We also take care of regulatory approval and the organization of road closures. Our crane rental in Dortmund will find the right solution for different applications from superstructure work, civil engineering, bridge repair, industrial installations, wind turbine installations, power plant constructions, construction work to pile driving.

Our crane rental in DortmundOwn Garage and more than 80 Cranes

In the garage of our crane rental in Dortmund we are able to repair and maintain our utility vehicles. Choose from more than 80 modern and high-quality cranes for different fields of applications. We offer highly flexible just-in-time-solutions to reduce your costs. Our experienced and motivated employees as well as our modern fleet are available around the clock

We guarantee that all necessary equipment, supplies and staff are at the right time at the right place. Please do not hesitate to  contact us for further questions! 

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